domingo, dezembro 16, 2007


"It's about creating a creative culture. It's not about the entrepreneurship of one person, it's about the creativity and innovation of an entire organization, their ability to come up with something new that will create new demand. This is wat Keeps me up at nights."
LEGO Group CEO Jorgen Vig
Aranha... vá por mim, o livro Retailization se distribuído num encontro de marketeers.... incendiaria a discussão, ou, como uma vez ouvi um brasileiro dizer, como só o riquissimo imaginário brasileiro pode criar e dizer, "tamanha confusão, alguém botou abaixo o pau da barraca do circo". Repare só:
"This does not mean that brands are void and irrelevant, but it does mean that the future is not brand-driven in the way we thought it would be. It is shopping-driven and therefore product-driven, and that has huge implications for the way we create new products and new brands. No longer can we rely on image alone to guarantee preference and loyalty. No longer can we rely on image alone to deliver the selection of the brand at the purchase point. No longer can we rely on image alone to drive shoppers towards our products. Only the product can deliver these things. Our product must deliver on every front. It is far too easy for shoppers these days to know the reality about our products and the truth of their claims. Sometimes they are better informed than the companies who deliver the brands! You have to remember that the brand is merely a vehicle for communication, it is not the product or an excuse for a bad product. Great retail presence works when you have great products, it is simple as that. All the advertising, listing fees, marketing and relationships in the world mean nothing, if your product sucks. The product is the ultimate closer."

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