segunda-feira, dezembro 18, 2006

Encenar experiências

Na sequência do postal sobre "O poder da imagem" e, o cada vez menor interesse na cópia dos acetatos, se não se esteve presente na apresentação. O livro: "The Experience Economy" de Pine & Gilmore, chama a atenção para a necessidade de encenar experiências:

“In the Experience Economy, performers of all sorts – executives, managers, and other laborers – must take a different view of their occupations. Work is theatre. Think about it. Pause. Reflect. And now say it aloud: Work is theatre.”

“Let us be very clear: We do not mean to present work as theatre. It is not a metaphor but a model.”

“Even those businesses which do not yet stage experiences must understand that whenever employees work in front of customers, an act of theatre occurs.”

“What should occur on that stage, and what should be relegated to off-stage activities? One grocery clerk talking over a customer’s head to the clerk in the next aisle about what they’re going to do after work may seem to them insignificant, but for the customer it is an act of indifference. So what acts make for compelling theatre?
The grocery clerk should ask himself how he might scan the canned goods with flair, what dramatic voice and entertaining words he might use when asking for a credit card, and especially how to perform the personal touches that come with exchanging cash, credit card, or receipt.

“In the emerging Experience Economy, any work observed directly by a customer must be recognized as an act of theatre.”

Agora, será que gente mal paga, e mal preparada… gente incompetente. Incompetente porque ninguém nasce ensinado. Nesta altura do Natal, é fácil contratar uma pessoa, colocá-la junto a uma mesa a embrulhar presentes. Podem ensiná-la a fazer os embrulhos, a fazer os laços de enfeite. Será que alguém as ensina a agir, a actuar perante os clientes?

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