quinta-feira, janeiro 10, 2019

"Scale vs trust"

A todos os que acreditam que as plataformas são uma coisa de "Winner take all", recomendo a leitura de "Managing reputation in the age of infinity", sobretudo de:
"Of course, it’s not just Amazon. it’s the ads you see on Facebook (unvetted, unlike the ads you see on network TV). It’s the worst 5% of the hotels in any given franchise, one that’s in a hurry to get big fast. It’s the latest unregulated quack remedy that’s sure to cure your chronic disease…
And it’s going to show up everywhere that an individual or an organization thinks that scale is more important than trust.
“Buyer beware” has never been a good way to build attention, trust or a brand with value. It’s not a good way to create a community or forward motion either."
Daí a minha crença em "Estratégia em todo lado - não é winner-take-all"

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