domingo, novembro 18, 2018

"rather than just following a procedure"

"This article is based primarily on feedback from Orion Registrar’s U.S. staff and auditors regarding clients who were certified to older versions of ISO 9001, prior to their certification to ISO 9001:2015....What “Bad” Have You Seen in ISO 9001:2015 Implementation?.The most common responses to this question involved shortcomings in implementation, including the failure to:...Retain documented information that is required by ISO 9001:2015, both that which was formally referred to as records and also that which is necessary for the effectiveness of the management system. Some clients view the reduced requirements for documented procedures as a reduction in the requirements, without understanding that the focus is on the processes and improving them, and on being more data driven in their approach, rather than just following a procedure."
Ao longo dos anos tenho encontrado empresas que "agarram" a ideia de apostar no uso de indicadores para monitorizar e tomar decisões, e quase sempre têm evoluções tremendas. Também tenho encontrado outras empresas que resistem à ideia de usar dados, que preferem usar o instinto, que preferem navegar à vista... e quase sempre não saem da cepa torta.

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