segunda-feira, abril 02, 2018

O que aí vem (parte II)

Ontem, enquanto circulava por estradas do concelho de Penafiel, recordei-me que ainda há alguns anos Braga era a cidade mais jovem da União Europeia.

Convinha que os empresários portugueses começassem a perceber o que significa o envelhecimento da população e o seu impacte na forma como lidam com os seus trabalhadores. Não estamos muito longe da Alemanha em termos demográficos, e por lá já temos isto "Germany Courts Workers With Sausages and Cheap Housing":
"The scramble for qualified workers has become an existential issue for companies across Germany, which are offering enticements ranging from overseas sojourns and ski outings to subsidized housing and sausage platters. After years of robust growth, unemployment has dropped to a record low of 5.4 percent, and the country has 1.2 million unfilled jobs—nearly equivalent to the population of Munich.
Recruiting is “a huge challenge—that’s something we have in common with companies across Germany,” says Maren Kroll, head of human resources at Kratsch’s factory in Eisfeld, three hours east of Frankfurt by car. Harry’s, which employs about 550 people at the plant (and lists almost 40 open positions on its website), seeks to keep workers happy with extras such as subsidized lunches, English classes, and a share-distribution program.
Talented professionals are hard to find,” says Kroll, “so we have to create conditions that are attractive.
Personnel is our bottleneck,” says Silke Burger, one of four family members who own and run the company. “We’re producing at the limit.”
For Germany, immigrants have long been a cushion in times of tight labor markets, but that’s changing. The Bundesbank has warned it will become increasingly difficult for businesses to lure workers from neighboring countries as wages in Eastern Europe catch up. Net migration from those places has eased since 2015, and when more Poles such as Foerster decide to stay home, locals like Kratsch will be able to be even choosier."
E as pessoas?

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