domingo, janeiro 21, 2018

"it requires deciding to do some things and not others"

"Use Focus to Invest Energy Disproportionately .
Every business has limited resources. Even in a cash-rich enterprise or well-funded start-up, resources like time and deep expertise are often in short supply. When we focus the resources that most matter to driving growth, they have more impact. We can only achieve this focus by stopping some activities. Growth leaders understand that you can only build capacity for growth by conserving time and energy by making tough choices.
Alignment is a word that means different things to different people. Certainly it means coherence or compatibility with a vision or values. But it also refers to: A process of setting goals at subsequently lower levels of the organization that, when rolled up, will add up. I call this “vertical alignment.”
Processes or activities that deliver to customers and are efficient and working together to create the most value possible. This is “horizontal alignment.” It’s easy to talk about alignment. But building all three kinds—vertical, horizontal, and alignment with vision/values—is a high-exertion activity. Why? Because it requires deciding to do some things and not others. It requires pushing back to more senior leaders who may not be happy with this action. And it can be complicated when the different people involved sit in different offices. Creating real alignment makes us go far outside our comfort zone to resolve deep-seated tensions and disagreements."
Trechos de "Pacing for Growth: Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-term Success" de Alison Eyring.

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