quinta-feira, setembro 21, 2017

O poder da interacção para lidar para com o desconhecido

Mais do que o Big Data, apostar na interacção:
"As opposed to “complicated” systems, where (a) components and and variables, (b) their dimensions, and (c) their purpose in a given system are known; "complex" systems are those in which one or more of (a), (b), and/or (c) is not known.
Managing complex systems thus requires managing ignorance, which may even include the system's objectives
One way to address the ignorance that complexity entails is to “engage" counterparts with whom one co-addresses this ignorance. Such engagement connects the managers of these organisations together, … In “engaging with” (as opposed to one actively studying and the "other" being a passively studied), both parties co-explore something as well as each other and each other's way of engaging. In working together, they discover how the differences of how each would engage alone, and when compared, can help each party to ascertain the blind spots it would otherwise keep about a given issue.
In the management of this multi-relations and multi-role complexity, it must never be forgotten that counterparts themselves have their own agendas."
Trechos retirados de "Strategy for a Networked World" de Ramírez & Mannervik.