sábado, junho 24, 2017

Sem rede

A vida real é assim: sem rede.

Só nos media portugueses ainda se toleram os académicos e outros cheios de certezas e de fórmulas infalíveis
"How do you know you’re on the right strategic path? And are you making changes as you go?
Oh, goodness, have I made changes! It’s important to have deeply held beliefs about the vision. But then you have to look at the results.
What’s positive is that the plan is proceeding as we believe it should, with the growth of large new businesses that are adjacent to our core franchises. IBM will grow again. But we need to grow in the right ways. We’re moving into areas that have value and shedding ones that don’t. We could have higher growth rates, but we made a bold decision to divest commoditizing businesses before they commoditize further. The new areas are higher margin, but we have to invest in them and then scale them up.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an insider so long as you don’t try to protect the past. Then you have the freedom to reinvent yourself for the long term.
What’s the hardest thing about trying to take this transformation through to the other side?
You have to have passion. And you have to have clarity. But I think the most difficult thing is perseverance. This is a large, highly profitable company that continues to do mission-critical work serving clients around the world—and at the same time reinventing itself. As the familiar metaphor has it, that’s like changing the wheels while you’re driving. And we’re doing it all in the public eye. Above all, we need to stay focused on our clients and keep moving forward. I think the team has done a super job at this."
Trechos retirados de  "don’t try to protect the past"

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