domingo, maio 14, 2017

‘They don’t read enough.’

"“I have to tell you a story about a neighbor of mine in Massachusetts who would be on anybody’s top 10 list of [Warren] Buffett–like people,” Peters opened. “I was at a dinner with him 18 months ago and, out of nowhere, he said, ‘You know what the number one problem is with big company CEOs?’ I said, ‘I can think of at least 70 things, but damned if I can narrow it down.’ And out of his mouth pops, ‘They don’t read enough.’”
How can we become better leaders? Unsurprisingly, Peters had some suggestions. “I think the people who run things ought to read a lot more psychology and social psychology and a lot less finance and marketing,”"

BTW, actualmente é de bom tom denegrir o que criou as civilizações, o job to be done das religiões neste mundo:
"The Marshmallow Test, written by Stanford social psychologist Walter Mischel, takes another approach to the utility of waiting. (The marshmallow test involved putting children in a room with a single marshmallow and seeing how long they could go without eating it in order to get the promised reward of two marshmallows later.) “Mischel argued that the ability to put things off is what makes us human, too,” Peters said."
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JCS disse...

Nem todos, mas muitos sim, acredito. Até porque ler implica parar e acho desde sempre que as pessoas/ gestores precisavam de parar mais (parar tudo, desligar os impulsos para se dedicarem a racionalizar um pouco).