domingo, abril 23, 2017

"Push the envelope in a stable market, but focus on efficiency in an uncertain one"

Esta semana ao ler "If You're in a Dogfight, Become a Cat!: Strategies for Long-Term Growth" achei interessante o autor reforçar esta mensagem:
Sempre que a Apple foi first-mover deu barraca.

Ontem li ouvi este interessante artigo "Sometimes, Less Innovation Is Better":
"in certain situations, more innovation led to poorer performance. Their conclusion: sometimes, less innovation is better.
A time of turbulence is mainly defined by three factors. One: the magnitude of change. How much is the industry changing compared with other times? Two: the frequency of change. How often are changes coming at you? And three: predictability. Can you see changes coming? The most important of these is predictability. You can absorb almost any change you can see coming. But if predictability is low, and either frequency is high or magnitude is large, you should scale back innovation until things get more stable. Certainly if all three are working against you, you should innovate less.
anytime exogenous forces or shocks to the system happen in their markets—for instance, a new set of regulations or a major political shift—innovators tend to lose. Sudden changes create instability that seem to beg for innovation, but it’s probably better to sit tight and focus on execution and efficiency.
Push the envelope in a stable market, but focus on efficiency in an uncertain one."

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