sexta-feira, fevereiro 17, 2017

Sem rede...

"Survival is about evolution.
For any species to survive it has to evolve. It has to adapt to its environment as it changes or it can be left behind, or even worse not survive the transition as the landscape changes. There comes a time in every species’ existence where it has to climb down from the trees — or its corporate ivory tower — get down to ground level and make its way into unchartered ground. The time to do this is when there’s no longer enough nutrition (revenue) in the place that has been feeding us up until now. People have been particularly good at this for millennia. We followed the herd and we even fashioned small craft to cross oceans to find warmer, more hospitable, fertile ground as our climate changed. In real terms, the climate has always been the ultimate arbiter of where we need to move to, and as  much as we think we can manage the climate, or work around it, it’s always in control.
And business is really just one type of climate. It’s also a climate that’s out of our control. And the climate is going through a tectonic shift for the ages where the conditions will never be the same again, at least not in our lifetime. So the decision for the more mature species in the business environment is quite simply to make way for new ground. Leave the old baskets, structures and huts behind (our infrastructure). They’ll be far too heavy to carry on the long trip into the future where the world is more fertile. The new ground will provide for those who have the faith to make the trip. [Moi ici: Sem rede...] And it’s not as if the trip is into unknown territory. The startups that now shape a business technology world have already taken the trip. They’ve made it to the new ground, and it’s good ground. It’s fertile and they’ve even provided the old-timers with some charts and some rough ideas on how to get there. Sure, the ground is still changing, but many have crossed the chasm and it is doable. All they need is some courage to get there."
Trecho retirado de "The Great Fragmentation : why the future of business is small" de Steve Sammartino

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