quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2017

"In B2B, customer value is a number, not a verbal expression"

A maioria das PME resiste a segmentar os seus clientes. Qual Bruce Jenner, com um histórico de generalista, não querem dizer não a ninguém, querem servir todos em simultâneo. Por isso, este sublinhado:
"You also need to define your segments and know them well. This means needs-based segments, not ones based on superficial factors such as geography or company size (small, medium, large). Only then can you begin to define and extract your true differentiation in your market, by segment. What you deliver in terms of value will differ from segment to segment, which means you can't make blanket assumptions about the benefits you provide customers in each segment. Their problems their solutions are all different, even if the differences are subtle. So the reality is and that you start building general customer propositions and introduce your teams to them. This first step often helps people realize the need to move away from one-size-fits-all processes to needs-based segmentation.
In B2B, customer value is a number, not a verbal expression.
continue with a discussion around how to share that value pool, because both parties need to derive some benefit from the relationship. It is unfair for the customer to claim all of the value, leaving you as the supplier with no material benefit. There is a name for the art and science of striking that balance.
That name is "pricing." It is also the end game!
But you will notice that in the previous three paragraphs, plus the statements, the word "pricing" never appears. There is a good reason for that. You need to lay the specific foundation before you can start with setting prices. That foundation is the central element to successful VBP. It depends highly on that third C, customer value. This foundation is the missing piece in most companies. It requires investments of time, money, and in many cases political and social capital. These are the foundational pillars of VBP. One does not become intimate with customers overnight."

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