quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2017

Em busca de um mundo melhor

Foi com um evento organizado pelo então recém-eleito presidente da república Mário Soares que comecei a descobrir o universo da mensagem de Karl Popper. E este livro "Em busca de um mundo melhor" é um livro que gosto de oferecer:
"All things living are in search of a better world. [Moi ici: As empresas também são seres vivos] Men, animals, plants, even unicellular organisms are constantly active. They are trying to improve their situation, or at least to avoid its deterioration… Every organism is constantly preoccupied with the task of solving problems. These problems arise from its own assessments of its condition and of its environment; conditions which the organism seeks to improve… We can see that life — even at the level of the unicellular organism — brings something completely new into the world, something that did not previously exist: problems and active attempts to solve them; assessments, values; trial and error.
It is not the search for certainty. To err is human. All human knowledge is fallible and therefore uncertain. It follows that we must distinguish sharply between truth and certainty. That to err is human means not only that we must constantly struggle against error, but also that, even when we have taken the greatest care, we cannot be completely certain that we have not made a mistake… To combat the mistake, the error, means therefore to search for objective truth and to do everything possible to discover and eliminate falsehoods. This is the task of scientific activity. Hence we can say: our aim as scientists is objective truth; more truth, more interesting truth, more intelligible truth. We cannot reasonably aim at certainty.
Since we can never know anything for sure, it is simply not worth searching for certainty; but it is well worth searching for truth; and we do this chiefly by searching for mistakes, so that we can correct them."
Depois, com Pedro Arroja descobri um outro pensador que complementa bem Popper e é muito mais simpático para um libertário, Paul Feyerabend.

Trechos retirados de "In Search of a Better World: Karl Popper on Truth vs. Certainty and the Dangers of Relativism"

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