sexta-feira, janeiro 27, 2017

A propósito dos Bruce Jenner

Ainda ontem referi como as PME se sentem atraídas pelo modelo Bruce Jenner.
Assim, foi interessante apanhar estes trechos em "Competing Against Luck":
"When a company makes big investments in developing relationships with customers, natural incentives arise to find ways to sell more products to existing customers. The marginal cost of selling more products to existing customers is very small—and the profit is oh so alluring. We call this “surface growth.” Companies see products all around them made by other companies and decide to copy or acquire them. But in doing so, companies often end up trying to create many products for many customers—and lose focus on the job that brought them success in the first place. Worse, trying to do many jobs for many customers can confuse customers so they hire the wrong products for the wrong jobs and end up firing them in frustration instead. This makes companies vulnerable to disrupters who focus on a single job—and do it well.[Moi ici: Os salami slicers]"

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