domingo, dezembro 11, 2016

Para reflexão

Resultados interessantes sobre o sucesso e o insucesso de PME exportadores eslovenas ao longo de 6 anos, sobre características de umas e outras:
"Successful exporters tend to export higher values of exports altogether and per market, and more value intensive products than unsuccessful new exporters. Unsuccessful new exporters do not change their export intensities in time, implying their lack of export intensity is one of the reasons for not being successful in the long term. Without adding new markets they were not be able to increase the value of exports per product and without broadening their product portfolio (product varieties) they were not able to increase exports per market and total exports.
Variety of specifications confirmed that both market as well as product differentiation have a positive and significant impact on the performance of new exporters. Market differentiation showed an even greater impact on performance.
Firms are heterogeneous and so are their strategies for value creation and international growth.
Detailed analysis of new exporters revealed that diversification has proven to be a demanding but an effective way of value creation. Taken separately, both geographical as well as product diversification are positively related to the performance of new exporters, though with diminishing returns. Next, a complex strategy with simultaneous market and product diversification is also positively related to performance. Contrary to traditional approaches that focus on a single product in a single market and slow, gradual growth, based on our observations we suggest that this strategy brings risks to creating value."

Trechos retirados de "Growth and Value Creation Through Diversified Exporting" de Andreja Jaklič, Anže Burger, Aljaž Kunčič e Desislava Dikova

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