domingo, outubro 30, 2016

Who murdered strategy?" (parte II)

Parte I.
1. Leaders will stop underestimating the implementation challenge and realize that it is tougher than they ever anticipate.
2. We will recognize that every implementation is unique and it has to fit the organization’s culture.
3. Strategy is about making the right choices and implementation is about the right actions.
4. We will recognize and share that implementation at the end of the day, means more work for staff members.
5. Staff members will be treated as the ‘‘Strategy Customers’’ and implementation will no longer be forced upon them.
6. When starting the rollout implementation will be targeted at the 20 per cent of staff members who will support it and that leader must actively support this 20 percent in return.
7. Strategy cannot be implemented if it cannot be understood and explained. We will become even better at communicating strategy.
8. Organizations will brand their strategy by giving it an image so as to win over both the hearts and minds of their Strategy Customers.
9. Leaders will conduct more implementation reviews so as to resolve small problems before they become big problems.
10. These reviews will be conducted every two weeks.
11. Made the promise? Now deliver. We will equally focus on strategy and implementation."

Trechos retirados de "Who murdered strategy?", Strategic Direction, Vol. 27 Iss 9 pp. 3 - 5, Robin Speculand, (2011).

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