segunda-feira, outubro 03, 2016

O desperdício

"Over the past decades, companies have tried to develop a competitive advantage through a cleverly cooked strategy and/or a deep focus on functional excellence. However, this approach has shown weaknesses in two areas:
Wastefulness and lack of measure: Too much effort/money/resources have been dedicated to pushing functional excellence in one topic further and in many instances possibly too far. Examples are:
  • Companies running cost reduction wave after cost reduction wave do not recognize that the real issue is the lack of appeal of their products.[Moi ici: Profundo!!! Esta é a descoberta da necessidade da mudança da identidade, esta é a desgraça dos prisioneiros do denominador]
  • Engineering-driven companies perform miracles but fail to market them appropriately.[Moi ici: Prisioneiros do pensamento marxiano e do Normalistão com a oferta menor do que a procura]
  • Consumer goods companies develop innovative new brands but keep all their merchandizing and promotion power on their cash cows.
  • Retailers that push category management to the extreme leave shoppers clueless in front of endless shelves of similar products.
Groupthink and myopia: Most or even all relevant players in any industry are moving in the same direction like herd animals."
Trecho retirado de "Corporate Plasticity: How to Change, Adapt, and Excel

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