terça-feira, setembro 06, 2016

"was so obsessed with the exploration"

Uma perspectiva interessante de ver o encerramento do ElBulli em "ElBulli and the Limits of Corporate Innovation":
"Actually, Adrià became obsessed with the pursuit of culinary innovation. He eliminated elBulli’s à la carte menu — if you were lucky enough to eat there, you ate a tasting menu created from scratch during the six months it was closed. During the downtime, he sent his staff around the world to search out inspiration. In 2002, Adrià didn’t open elBulli at all. Instead, he directed the staff to codify the restaurant’s intellectual capital in order to revitalize the ongoing effort to invent new techniques, tools, and concepts, such as the foams, frozen airs, and spherifications that have become basic elements in the deconstructed dishes of molecular gastronomy.
In the early 1990s, while the chef was beginning his rise, Stanford Graduate School of Business professor James G. March was exploring the need for companies to balance “the exploration of new possibilities and the exploitation of old certainties”. Adrià, however, was so obsessed with the exploration that he eventually shut down the exploitation altogether — launching a nonprofit innovation lab. No corporate leader can afford to follow his example that far."

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