terça-feira, agosto 30, 2016

O foco

Excelente resumo do que está em causa em termos de mudança de perspectiva:
"Customer-dominant logic (CDL) is a perspective on business and marketing based on the primacy of the customer. Adopting this view means shifting the focus from how (systems of) providers involve customers in their processes to how customers in their ecosystems engage different types of providers. In other words, emphasizing how customers embed service in their processes rather than how firms provide service to customers.
In the service field, service-dominant logic (SDL), service logic (SL), and CDL in particular have emerged as service perspectives. These have different foci but explain the characteristics of service in society and business today. SDL focuses on systems and the co-creation between generic actors on a societal level, whereas SL emphasizes the interaction between the provider and the customer.  CDL focuses on customer logic and the customer’s constellation of activities,
actors, and experiences and the role of providers in this context
Trechos retirados de "Customer-dominant logic: foundations and implications" de Kristina Heinonen e Tore Strandvik, publicado por Journal of Services Marketing em· Setembro de 2015

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