segunda-feira, junho 27, 2016

Alterações na ISO 9001, para reflexão (parte II)

Recordar a parte I e "how are you doing".
"Consider, for instance, asking patients exiting the hospital if they have a better understanding and/or knowledge of how to prevent future health problems or if they believe they will be able to integrate their learning from a hospital stay into their daily lives to enhance their wellness. These questions are in stark contrast to those commonly asked in patient satisfaction surveys, dealing with perceptions of room cleanliness, courteous staff, tasty food, and even whether nurses, physicians, and other providers listened and were attentive to patients’ needs. An approach that begins to capture this distinction is the Coleman care transitions program. Patients being discharged from an inpatient facility cocreate a plan for their postdischarge care. A readiness assessment tool is used to assess value alignment between provider and patient."
Tantas oportunidades de melhoria, tantas oportunidades para fazer a diferença.
Trecho retirado de "Evolving to a new service-dominant logic for health care"

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