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Sentido de urgência (parte II)

Parte I.
"What are some basic rules you’ve learned along the way?
First, you have to deliver results. You have to do what you say you are going to do to build credibility within your organization, with your customers, and with your partners. Second, you need the right people in the right jobs at the right time with the right attitude. That sounds easy, but it’s very hard. At eBay, someone who was perfect when it was a $40 million company was not quite so perfect when it grew to $4 billion. [Moi ici: Outro tecto de vidro. Pessoas são pessoas. É muito difícil a um empresário de uma PME este distanciamento, afastar alguém que ajudou a criar a empresa, alguém que sofreu pela empresa quando ela era mais pequena mas que já não dá conta do recado agora que ela cresceu] And attitude makes a huge difference: You want enthusiasm, can do, glass half full. It’s taken me a couple of years to get the team dynamic right at Hewlett-Packard.
What do you think a CEO really needs to focus on?
First, you need the right strategy. Less than perfect execution against the right strategy will probably work. A 100% execution against the wrong strategy won’t. The next thing is getting the right people.[Moi ici: Olha, vou usar este trecho em futuros projectos. Ás vezes, sinto que a estratégia é a correcta mas que algumas chefias ou não são as certas, ou não estão motivadas. Por vezes, parece que algumas chefias só estão preocupadas com obedecer a ordens e não estão preparados para serem responsáveis por agirem de moto próprio] And at scale, you have no choice but to instrument the business. It was different at eBay. I was the 30th employee, and by the end I had an instinct—I could almost feel what was wrong with the business. I could have a couple of conversations, look at some high-level numbers, and I’d know. But at HP you have to have a plan, and you have to measure that plan. You don’t get what you expect; you get what you inspect. At scale, you can’t just feel it; you have to have the metrics. We monitor everything, so the minute something goes off track, we know. [Moi ici: Outro trecho a usar em futuros projectos. Quantas vezes encontro chefias que não querem usar, não querem ligar a números, a indicadores]
How can you increase the odds that you’re on the right strategic path?
I learned how to do strategy for nine years at Bain, and it has stood me in good stead, because there’s a formula for it. It’s all about who your customers are, who your competitors are, what cost structure you need, and what things you are not going to do. That is the most difficult decision for companies, because we all have eyes that are bigger than our stomachs."[Moi ici: Foco, foco, foco

Trechos retirados de "We need to intensify our sense of urgency" publicado pela HBR de maio de 2016.

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