terça-feira, maio 17, 2016

E na sua empresa, como é?

A propósito desta figura
retirada de "A Simple Way to Test Your Company’s Strategic Alignment".
Relacionar com este texto e vídeo "Para reflexão".
"How well does your organization support the achievement of your business strategy? “Organization,” as we’re using it here, includes all of the required capabilities, resources (including human), and management systems necessary to implement your strategy.
To maintain strategic alignment, a company’s people, culture, structure and processes have to flex and change as the strategy itself shifts. The symptoms of poor alignment are often obvious, especially to those who work in the company, but also to customers who do not experience the service they expect from a company’s branding and advertising. Using the same 1 – 100 scale ask yourself: How well does our organization support the achievement of our strategy? If your organization is incapable of delivering its strategy, the strategy is effectively worthless and your company’s purpose will go more or less unfulfilled."
E na sua empresa, como é?

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