sábado, abril 23, 2016

PME e código, já pensou nisso? (parte V)

Parte I, parte II, parte III e parte IV.
Nem de propósito para se juntar à série sob este título "You Don’t Have to Be a Software Company to Think Like One":
"Every business is, willingly or unwillingly, a competitor on a software playing field, no matter which sector it’s in....In a world underpinned by ever more powerful, affordable, and public technology platforms, software is still king. And its importance as a source of value will only continue to grow..You may be thinking: but my company isn’t a software company. That may be the case, but the current business environment requires all leaders to view their companies as software businesses — and think like software executives. That doesn’t mean that you should stop delivering your current products or services. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you should suddenly start selling something labeled “software.” Rather, this approach recognizes a fundamental shift in the sources of value creation and competitive advantage toward software.... [Moi ici: Todas as semanas encontro situações em que um produto maduro, banal, poderia voltar a ser sexy com um pouco de código e IoT. Desde a empresa que se esqueceu de encomendar uma caixa de matéria-prima quando a última foi aberta, porque não um "dash" básico, simples para o B2B até ...Digital technologies aren’t just tools of production to improve existing processes; they are also instruments of coordination, making it easier to collaborate with partners. [Moi ici: Este é o mei ponto principal, fomentar interacção relevante no B2B e aprendizagem para ambas as partes] Adopting a software mentality should include rethinking your business model to include partnerships with others who can help form richer ecosystems, generate network effects, and improve your overall value proposition. But it also means evaluating whether you may be better served by bringing outsourced capabilities back in-house....It’s what companies can reimagine with software that creates the real opportunities (and, inevitably, threats). To succeed at digitization, executives must view their businesses as software companies."

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