sexta-feira, março 11, 2016

"how people want to feel"

"Instead of thinking about what you want to sell, consider how you want people to feel. [Moi ici: Ou melhor ainda, IMHO, consider how people want to feel] Even dull computer chips can be seem sexier when sold not on processing speed but on the experiences they enable for people. Ask yourself, “What business are we really in?” You may be running a restaurant, but are you helping people bond as a community? You may be selling an insurance solution, but are you creating the next office hero? The more emotional your appeal, the more persuasive it is likely to be.
Ariely also presented evidence that environment matters, more than we think.
Companies can tap into the power of environment to build their brands. Small details of the experience - including smells and sounds in a retail store, or colors and creative messages online - can be designed to express and deliver on brand attributes and values.
Great brands avoid selling products - they know it’s far more effective to seduce people through emotion, engagement, and experience than to push products on them."
Confesso que muitas vezes sinto falta disto ao auditar a área de marketing das empresas. Muita "comunicação à engenheiro", sobre o produto, sobre as especificações, sobre a empresa e, pouca sobre "how people want to feel"

Trechos retirados de "To Win Customers, Stop Selling And Start Seducing"

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Paulo Peres disse...

que texto maravilhoso!
me lembrou um que escrevi tempos atrás. que se conecta bem: