domingo, janeiro 17, 2016

Em tempos de volatilidade III

Parte I e parte II.
"Our research has identified six disciplines—meaning habits, attitudes, and capabilities—that are essential for leaders to thrive in VUCA environments.
1. Anticipate changes in the market environment by staying closely connected with customers, partners, and competitors, rather than becoming disconnected and reactive.
2. Challenge assumptions and the status quo by surrounding themselves with people who think outside the box and are open to new ideas.
3. Interpret a wide array of data and viewpoints rather than looking only for evidence that confirms their prior beliefs.
4. Decide what to do after examining their options and then exercise courage to get it done rather than waffling or belaboring the decision-making process.
5. Align the interests and incentives of stakeholders, based on understanding different views, rather than relying on their power or position.
6. Learn from success and failure by experimenting, making small bets, [Moi ici: Fragilistas, aprendei!and mining the lessons from both the good and the bad outcomes to create quick learning cycles."
Trechos retirados de "Winning the Long Game - How Strategic Leaders Shape the Future" de Steven Krupp

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