segunda-feira, novembro 30, 2015

Acerca do pensamento estratégico

Um artigo curto mas muito interessante, com um bom exemplo do que é pensamento estratégico em "How a Food-Ordering App Broke into a Crowded Market".
É claro que todos preferem ser ricos e ter saúde do que serem pobres e doentios mas isso não é pensamento estratégico. Pensamento estratégico é fazer renúncias, é fazer escolhas difíceis:
"1. Go after “undesirable” customers. Lacking funds but having lots of free time, they targeted customers who were hard to reach. This ensured two things: a) less competition from large firms and b) different activities required [Moi ici: Definitivamente não um Bruce Jenner] to serve customers.
2. Go after “undesirable” media. Oddly enough, Eat24’s biggest break came when they left Google and Facebook as marketing platforms after advertising rates rose. Eat24 instead turned to … porn websites.
The real lesson here is basic. Don’t follow competitors. Grasp the big picture, assess honestly your position in it, and think one-to-two steps ahead. That’s the “secret” of successful strategies and the essence of competitive intelligence."

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