terça-feira, outubro 06, 2015

Uma alternativa (parte II)

Parte I.
Recordar também a "Intelligent Naivety" relatada em "Ingenuidade Inteligente".
O empresário da parte I talvez estivesse demasiado preso aos sucessos do passado para conseguir olhar para o que fazia e quem servia com outros olhos, com outra frescura.
"Experience is what gets you through the door, but experience also closes the door. You tend to rely on memory and stick with what has worked before. You don’t try anything new."
Um pouco como o exemplo do suíço alentejano a produzir azeite premiado que referimos em "Mentes livres de mapas cognitivos castradores":
Looking at the list of the great Challengers that have really impacted their individual markets, the first thing that strikes one is how many of them are launches: that is to say, how many of them (and more specifically, the people behind them) lack any previous experience in their chosen category.
Even in the days when companies were still being started in garages rather than dorm rooms, it is striking how many of these founders knew relatively little about the categories they were launching into, and how beneficial that freshness proved to be.
what we will call ‘‘Intelligent Naivety,’’ a questioning  and insight creation born of dynamically applied inexperience, rather than rich familiarity with the category, that has changed the face of the categories around us in the most profound way. That has opened up new business models, introduced new dimensions of appeal for potential consumers, found new ways to build premiums and drive loyalty.
The first, and most obvious benefit of Intelligent Naivety is that it allows us to step back and ask those upstream questions that brands and brand owners more immersed in the category have lost the ability to pose. Why does the category have to be all about this? Why could it not be about that instead?"

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