terça-feira, junho 23, 2015

"We have shifted from..."

À atenção da tríade e de todos aqueles que aprenderam microeconomia nos anos 50/60.
"How well do you know your customers? This seems to be a key question on the minds of not just marketers, but company strategists these days. We have shifted from a competitive landscape in which companies are more exclusively focused on external forces affecting their industries and sectors, to one that has become significantly more customer centric. [Moi ici: Idiossincrasia rules!!!] This intensive customer focus has increased as technology-enabled transparency and online social media accelerate an inexorable flow of market power downstream from suppliers to customers. Now, every company of any scale and in any sector wants to be closer to its customers, to understand them more deeply, and to tailor their products and services to serve them more precisely."
Os que foram formatados, e continuam a formatar outros, segundo o modelo do século XX não percebem esta realidade.
"Graças te dou, ó Pai, Senhor dos céus e da terra, pois escondeste estas coisas dos sábios e cultos, e as revelaste aos pequeninos." (Mateus 11, 25) 
Trecho retirado de "How IBM, Intuit, and Rich Products Became More Customer-Centric"

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