quinta-feira, março 26, 2015

"the shift is away from the mass toward the individual"

"One thing that both waves have in common is the shift is away from the mass toward the individual.  This suggests that the essential logic of mutation in our time involves providing individuals with the quality goods, services, experiences, and capabilities that they want, when they want them, how they want them, where they want them—and all at an affordable price.  This reorientation around the individual necessarily implies trustworthy relationships.  It implies a new kind of social contract based on a promise of advocacy and alignment with consumers’ genuine interests. As Schumpeter put it, “ the new consumer’s needs”  are the disciplinary guideline."
Trecho retirado de "Disruption’s Tragic Flaw"

BTW, não creio que a Uber e outras empresas do género venham para ficar, não será sobre elas que se construirá o futuro da partilha e aluguer em Mongo.

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