domingo, janeiro 18, 2015

Para reflexão acerca do valor

"The value is emotional.
It helps the owner feel more connected to the artist.
The great management philosopher Peter Drucker was almost right.
He wrote, “What the business thinks it produces is not of first importance. What the consumer thinks he is buying, what he considers ‘value’ is decisive.”It’s what the consumer feels she is getting in exchange for her money that is decisive.
Value is a complex and puzzling notion.
Economists can’t agree on a definition because it’s not an objective concept.
Value is multifaceted.
Value is highly contextual.Value is subjective.Value is delivered and imagined contentment, happiness, and self-worth.Value is about desire."
O problema é o enquistamento na noção obsoleta de que o valor resulta do trabalho incorporado.
O valor é altamente contextual e subjectivo.
Trecho retirado de "The value of vinyl"

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