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Driving markets

" Market driven refers to a business orientation that is based on understanding and reacting to the preferences and behaviors of players within a given market structure. Driving markets, on the other hand, implies influencing the structure of the market and/or the behavior(s) of market players in a direction that enhances the competitive position of the business."
Acrescentaria à frase final "in a direction that enhances the competitive position of the business, através de relações ganhar-ganhar entre vários actores intervenientes no ecossistema da procura."
"Driving markets" é a opção dos "arquitectos de paisagens competitivas".
"Specifically, we propose that driving markets entail changing the structure or composition of a market and/or the behavior(s) of players in the market."
Ou sendo mais concreto:
"Accepting the market structure as a "given" means the focal business does not eliminate and/or modify the roles of existing industry players. Driving the market structure, in contrast, refers to a business proactively changing the composition of the players by, for example, buying them out or by getting new players to enter the industry (e.g., new distributors). A business may also change the market structure by fundamentally changing the roles performed by one or more players (e.g., getting a distributor to assem-ble/manufacture computers in addition to selling them)."
 Trechos retirados de "Market-Driven Versus Driving Markets"
"marketing is “the art and science of creating change (disequilibrium) in markets in such a way that the change benefits the firm (or an alliance of firms) [Moi ici: Prefiro "alliance of actors"], and consequently comparatively ‘disadvantages’ rivals”. In addition, Resource-Advantage Theory suggests that it is not enough for firms to passively respond to changing environments by looking for the best fit between the existing resources and market niches.
to achieve a superior business performance, firms need to actively influence the market rather than being only reactive to it (i.e., be capable of driving markets).
Market-driving organizations may achieve greater performance than market-driven organizations by reshaping the structure of the market according to their own competencies and by exploiting the competitors’ weaknesses. [Moi ici: Prefiro "according to their own and allied-actor-partners competencies". Não é por causa dos concorrentes, é por causa das competências, dos recursos, das relações mobilizadas"]
Trechos retirados de "Market-Driving Organizations: A Framework"
A estes textos, com mais de 10 anos, falta-lhes este pormenor:
"The basis of executive power is shifting from being in charge to being connected. New leaders understand that power with people is much more effective than power over people. It is about integrating the best of networked thinking and leveraging the new platforms for value creation."
Talvez a terminologia "driving market" não seja a melhor...

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