quarta-feira, abril 23, 2014

"They’ll work hard to ... protect the past from the future."

"you should care about business innovation and disruption because they’re a primary way that progress happens and that people become better off over time.
Incumbents, of course, don’t want to be disrupted. And they’ll throw up all manner of barriers and smoke screens to try to prevent it from happening. They’ll enlist politicians, regulators, PR agencies, and everyone else they can think of to help with their campaigns to maintain the status quo.
They’ll work hard to, as my friend Tim O’Reilly puts it, protect the past from the future. We should work hard to oppose this trend, and to protect the future from the past. A first step in this work is to be skeptical of claims from incumbents that when they protect themselves from upstart disruptors they’re also helping us out. Most of time, they’re not."

Trecho retirado de "Don’t Let Incumbents Hold Back the Future"

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