segunda-feira, abril 21, 2014

O poder do hábito

"Quick show of hands: how many of you are currently wear a FitBit, FuelBand or another “Wearable” device? Keep your hand up if you’ve been wearing for more than a month.
I suspect there aren’t a lot of hands in the air. Why? Last year, all of my friends were wearing Nike+ FuelBands. Now I can only think of two friends who I see consistently wear them.
Three Weeks. That’s about how long somebody keeps a wearable on their wrist or their face before they forget to put it back on.
These devices really do have the capability to improve our lives, yet until they can find a way to transform from wearable into habit, there will be trouble for the entire wearable device market. [Moi ici: Leio isto e questiono-me. O que é que as empresas vendem, tecnologia ou resultados na vida de quem as compra? Desconfio que se venda mais a tecnologia e se concentrem menos nos resultados que cada um pode conseguir]
I absolutely believe that consumers want these devices. I absolutely believe that consumers can embrace devices.
If wearable makers like Nike and Google really believes these devices are the future (I do), the, they need to focus on turning these devices into habits first. Until that happens, wearables will remain in the niche."
Como não recordar "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" de Charles Duhigg e o Cue-Routine-Reward.

Trechos retirados de "The Three Weeks Problem: The Real Challenge for Wearables"

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