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O papel da marca em Mongo

"Most recently Stanford professor Itamar Simonsen and author Emanual Rosen have argued in their new book Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information and in their recent blog post here that marketers need to reevaluate the idea that brands are critically important in consumer’s purchasing decisions. They claim: “…brands are less needed when consumers can assess product quality using better sources of information such as reviews from other users, expert opinion, or information from people they know on social media.”"
Os autores justificam esta posição argumentando que se os consumidores têm acesso imediato a informação que os ajuda a decidir o que escolher, então, o valor da marca como elemento diferenciador diminuirá.
Engraçado, acredito que em Mongo, pelo contrário, o valor das marcas será cada vez mais importante. Não por causa da informação, mas por causa da afirmação, da identidade, da pertença a uma tribo.
Mais nesta linha:
"The role of a brand is—and never was—just about solving an information problem. It’s about providing meaning and satisfying emotional needs. These fundamental human needs have not changed. To the contrary as consumers experience information overload, there might be a tendency to gravitate toward what’s known and comforting."
Cada nicho, qual tribo, vai precisar de sinais que representem uma identidade, uma comunidade, que ajudem a diferenciar.

Trechos retirados de "Brands Aren’t Dead, But Traditional Branding Tools Are Dying"

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"Today, consumers can read reams of research about whatever they want to buy. This started back with Consumer Reports, which did objective studies of products, and with J. D. Power’s quality rankings, which revealed what ordinary customers thought of the cars they’d bought. But what’s really weakened the power of brands is the Internet, which has given ordinary consumers easy access to expert reviews, user reviews, and detailed product data, in an array of categories."
Como se a marca só tivesse a ver com o lado racional da relação, come on!
Em Mongo a tribo é fundamental, o lado emocional é fundamental.

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