sexta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2014

Ecossistema da procura e co-criação

Para um adepto da identificação do ecossistema da procura, foi um brinde este caso retratado em "The Future of Competition" de CK Prahalad e Venkat Ramaswamy:
E o tipo de questões e reflexão que desencadeia:
"The pacemaker story illustrates the new value creation space: a competitive space centered on personalized co-creation experiences developed through purposeful interactions between the consumer and a network of companies and consumer communities.
Value does not stem from the physical product, the pacemaker, or from the communication and IT network that supports the system, and not even from the social and skill network that includes doctors, hospitals, the family, and the broader consumer community. Value lies in the co-creation experience of a specific patient, at a specific point in time, in a specific location, in the context of a specific event.
The co-creation experience originates in the patient's interaction with the network. It cannot occur without a network of firms collaborating to create the environment that allows the patient to undergo that unique co-creation experience. The network, not owned by any single firm, multiplies the value of the pacemaker to the patient, his family, and his doctors. The patient, by co-creating with the network, is an active stakeholder in defining the interaction and the context of the event. The total co-creation experience with the network results in value that is more personal and unique for each individual.
In the conventional value creation process, companies and consumers had distinct roles of production and consumption. Products and services contained value, and markets exchanged this value, from the producer to the consumer. Value creation occurred outside the markets. But as we move toward co-creation, as with the pacemaker, this distinction disappears. Increasingly, consumers engage in the processes of both defining and creating value. The co-creation experience of the consumer becomes the very basis of value."

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