sexta-feira, julho 26, 2013

Escala de profundidade (parte II)

Parte I.
Três mensagens importantes que os media não costumam sublinhar:
"Sexy Isn't Significant - Unless you plan on attracting venture capitalists or going public someday, don't worry if your business isn't sexy or exciting. ... There are great companies all over the world making products that you and I have never heard of. They are located in industrial parks, near airports, in the back of parking lots, and in the basements of buildings. They might not be growing at all. But it doesn't matter. As long as they're profitable. And they have solid and loyal customers.
Profitability Is More Important Than Growth - For the last six years my company's revenue has been flat. But the company has been profitable. I visit and speak to hundreds of businesses every year, including the ones in my own neighborhood, that are in the same boat. But we're doing fine.
It Doesn't Matter What You Sell, as Long as You're Good at It - In Philadelphia there are about a half dozen small companies that provide "blacksmith services." No, this isn't the 18th century. I don't think being a blacksmith is a growth business. But there's a market for it. Maybe you make dogs' wigs, "fresh face pillows," or rent yourself out as a temporary friend (and yes, there are real businesses that do this). It doesn't matter. As long as the market is big enough, and you're excellent at doing it, your small business can earn you a decent living. And if you run it the right way, it can do even more than that.
So don't listen to the experts. Don't think you have to be in a growing industry. Don't worry if your friends and family laugh at your idea. Do your research. Make sure the opportunity is there. And be serious about running your business profitably. There's money to be made everywhere. Even in the newspaper business. Just ask Warren Buffett."
E lembro todos os experts que acham que as Qimondas é que são o negócio do futuro. Pois, continuo à espera.

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