quarta-feira, maio 25, 2011

Over-Branding Kills Profits And Scares Off Consumers

"Recently, when Procter and Gamble cut its Head and Shoulders product line from 25 to 16, profits rose 10%. Similarly, when General Motors shrunk its brands from eight to four last year, dealers reported a 16% increase in sales.

There’s a point at which new product development can destroy more value than it creates. Innovation for the sake of revenue just degrades the equity that the core brand has built up. Marketers call it “overshooting.” In the end, customers like you and me max out on “new and improved,” and we just stop buying."
Não é isto que acontece quando a as marcas fazem isto?
Trecho retirado de "Over-Branding Kills Profits And Scares Off Consumers"
Ou seja, só porque as marcas o podem fazer, não o devem fazer!!

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