terça-feira, janeiro 19, 2010

Estratégia sem pessoas?! Wrong answer!

"It is rare for strategy to promote the status quo. Strategy development will almost always imply changes in the organization (Moi ici: Estratégia não é para manter o status quo, estratégia é caminho, estratégia é mudança, estratégia é viagem)- in its relationship with the environment and in its relationship with itself. Any organizational change that matters strategically will involve winners and losers, (Moi ici: Pessoas, pessoas, pessoas, sempre as pessoas) and so will involve some managers seeing themselves as potential winners and some as potential losers. It follows that any strategy development or thinking about strategy will, without deliberate intention, promote organizational politics."
"Strategic management is about people creating outcomes, not just about outcomes.
If strategic development does not change the way organizational members think, and so act, strategy can only have any real impact through coercion. Without changing ways of thinking, organizational members continue to see the same problems as they always did, and they continue to solve these problems using the same beliefs as before. Put more formally, their way of construing their occupational world has not changed."
Trechos retirados de "Making Strategy - The Journey of Strategic Management" de Colin Eden & Fran Ackermann.

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