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Mismatch of manufacturing structure and manufacturing task

O 5º capítulo "The Decline, Fall, and Renewal of Manufacturing Plants" do livro "Manufacturing in the Corporate Strategy" de Wickham Skinner devia ser lido por muito boa gente na indústria.
"While there are many ways in which companies get into trouble in manufacturing, they may be grouped into four principal categories:
  1. Mismatch of manufacturing structure and manufacturing task.
  2. Multi-product, do-all general purpose plant.
  3. Simplistic performance evaluation.
  4. Inconsistent elements in the manufacturing structure.
Skinner faz uma narrativa que descreve como ocorre a falência de uma cultura produtiva, de forma perfeitamente normal, quando o exterior muda.
"The manufacturing task may be defined as the unique manufacturing competence demanded by the combination of the firm's corporate strategy, its marketing policies, and any constraints imposed by the technology and financial resources.
The manufacturing task is clearly defined at the start-up. Usually, it consists of making particular products with specific technology and marketing requirements."
Depois o mundo exterior muda.
"What happens next in many instances is that the manufacturing task subtly changes. Market conditions change, and to be successful, a company may have to compete in quite different ways than in the past.
How are these changes perceived by a strong, experienced, competent manufacturing team?Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, these changes are not always seen or their significance fully perceived. (Moi ici: Skinner não insulta, não diz que são burros, que só têm a quarta classe.) After all, such changes seldom take place dramatically. They take place gradually over a period of time. After a year or two, the task at which the plant must now excel may no longer be what it was. Most management groups naturally tend to continue to apply the successful "philosophy" and practices of manufacturing they have learned and proven over the past. The structure of the manufacturing operation tends to continue, with a kind of momentum of comfortable and satisfying familiarity with only relatively minor variations."
O que aconteceu à nossa indústria na última década?
O mundo mudou, passamos a ser alemães e a precisar de estratégias à alemão... com uma estrutura mental e produtiva forjada no passado.

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