sexta-feira, novembro 30, 2018

E isso é fácil?

Por todo o lado sintomas de Mongo.

Desta vez um tema que aqui no blogue desenvolvemos há muito tempo em "The Factory Faces the Amazon Effect":
"an experience experts are calling the “Amazon effect,” in which consumers expect buying convenience, visibility and accessibility at every step in the process. Retailers and restaurants are delivering on those expectations. Now, manufacturers in high-volume industries like CPG, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals are feeling the pressure to cater to these new consumer needs as well.
“It’s called the demand market,” ... “The consumer wants what they want when they want it.”
Though this demand-driven market might feel very out of reach for manufacturers that are using legacy systems to mass produce products, it is actually a great opportunity. Investing in new technology and business models that cater directly to the customer can reduce inventory and order fulfillment times while significantly slimming down the supply chain.
The manufacturing process for the demand market is referred to in many different ways: flexible manufacturing, adaptive machines and batch of one. But the goal is the same. “The idea is that you can economically produce one product,”"
Qual o problema do texto?

Um grande problema!!!

Pensar que é só investir em máquinas e não perceber que tudo tem de mudar. A proposta de valor, os canais (prateleiras), o tipo de relacionamento com os clientes e outras partes interessadas, o tipo parcerias... é todo o modelo de negócio. E isso é fácil?

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