quarta-feira, outubro 17, 2018

O mercado é sempre heterogéneo

"When a company takes a more detailed view of its activities, it shines a spotlight on areas that senior management has never before seen clearly. As aggregation and consolidation give way to precision, it becomes easier to identify previously hidden parts of the organization that are performing strongly—as well as those that are not. This can be an uncomfortable experience for senior executives, as it often has profound implications for the organization’s structure, people, and processes.
A more-precise understanding of company performance and market potential will lead to resource reallocation, both within and across businesses. The goal, of course, is to target pockets of higher market momentum, thus increasing the growth rate for the company as a whole."
O mercado é sempre heterogéneo, e em Mongo essa dispersão está a aumentar!
Cuidado com as generalizações.

Trechos retirados de "Is Your Growth Strategy Flying Blind?"

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