quinta-feira, junho 14, 2018

"formulate clear problem statements" (parte IV)

Parte I, parte II e parte III.

"1. Failing to Formulate the ProblemThe most common mistake is skipping problem formulation altogether. People often assume that they all already agree on the problem and should just get busy solving it. Unfortunately, such clarity and commonality rarely exist.
2. Problem Statement as Diagnosis or SolutionAnother frequent mistake is formulating a problem statement that presupposes either the diagnosis or the solution. A problem statement that presumes the diagnosis will often sound like “The problem is we lack the right IT capabilities,” and one that presumes a solution will sound like “The problem is that we haven’t spent the money to upgrade our IT system.”
Allowing diagnoses or proposed solutions to creep into problem statements means that you have skipped one or more steps in the logical chain and therefore missed an opportunity to engage in conscious cognitive processing."
Este ponto 2 fez-me lembrar este tweet:

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