domingo, abril 30, 2017

Ecossistemas de serviço

"As one zooms out from dyadic interactions and discreet transactions, the first thing noticed is that these dyadic interactions do not take place in isolation, but rather within networks of actors, of which the dyad is just a part. These networks can be seen at various levels of aggregation (e.g., macro, meso, micro). Structurally then, these networks reflect what S-D logic captures axiomatically in the resource-integration specification of Axiom 3 [All social and economic actors are resource integrators]. Likewise, they emphasize that the benefit (value) realized by a beneficiary (e.g., a “customer”) does not occur in isolation either, but rather through integration of the resources from many sources, [Moi ici: Recordar o objectivo de maximizar a criação de valor a nível do ecossistema, "The market is a goal collective"] thus best understood as holistic experiences (FP9/Axiom3 and FP10/Axiom4).[Value is always uniquely and phenomenologically determined by the beneficiary]
At first glance, it might appear that there is little new here, just the acknowledgement that service provision, value cocreation and value realization take place in networks, ... However, the S-D logic framework adds several key characteristics that are not in all cases typical of these network conceptualizations. Most obvious among these is that the connections represent service-for-service exchange, rather than just connections of resources, people, or product flows; thus, in S-D logic, network actors are linked by common, dynamic processes (service provision). Second, the actors are defined not only in terms of this service provision (resources applied for benefit) but also in terms of the resource-integration activities that the service exchange affords. Finally, the network has a purpose, not in the sense of collective intent but rather in the sense of individual survival/wellbeing, as a partial function of collective wellbeing."

Trecho retirado de "Service-dominant logic 2025"

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