domingo, dezembro 04, 2016

Para reflexão (parte VI)

Parte V.

Imaginem o impacte disto sem a interferência dos governos "The Blockchain Energy System Is Going To Be Great For Consumers":
"decentralized blockchain system, with its string of trusted nodes all over the world, could align with the decentralized energy system to create something really new. Essentially, the blockchain could complete the job of solar panels in allowing people to sell energy at the price they want and maintain rights to their power whenever they need it.
"Blockchain can be used to create a trading platform that is secure, low-cost and fast,"
Blockchain networks offer a way for households to leave the main grid and set up independent co-operative microgrids, where people trade power according to need. They also could help incorporate people without solar panels, allowing them to trade with people who do."
Acham mesmo que os poderosos incumbentes não vão fazer nada?

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