segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2016

Acerca do pricing

Um excelente apanhado de técnicas de pricing para empresas com modelo de negócio baseado na subscrição em "Improve Pricing and Revenue through Irrational Customer Behavior".

Gostei sobretudo de:
"Whenever a provider contacts customers about their current offer, customers “wake up” and think about what they are getting in return for their money. Inevitably, some customers will choose to leave, or “churn,” even if prices don’t rise. In fact, the wake-up effect is often the single largest contributor to churn—and sometimes it occurs even when prices go down or product value goes up. So if a price increase is too low, the incremental revenue from remaining customers can be insufficient to offset the loss of customers who have been “ [Moi ici: Até porque esta semana fui contactado pela Vodafone e é nesta altura que nos lembramos que o tempo de fidelização está a terminar]
E de:
"“turning the other cheek” may not seem like an effective response in a highly competitive market. It takes courage. But sometimes it is the least of all evils." 
Talvez a sua empresa possa reflectir sobre estas técnicas.

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