terça-feira, setembro 27, 2016

Quantas PME conseguem responder a estas perguntas?

"“Your products are great, but your competitor gives me what I’m looking for,” the client replied. As they talked, the CEO realized that closing this deal — and other deals — didn’t come down only to product price, quality, features, or sales capabilities. The competitor spoke the language of the customer. Its salespeople knew how to anticipate the customer’s needs, work closely with its leaders, and come up with solutions to problems that hadn’t even been voiced yet. The CEO now saw that his company lacked one key ingredient necessary to deliver what its clients needed most: a deliberate, well-designed, and perceptive customer strategy.
In developing a successful customer strategy, you must provide answers to questions such as these: Who are our customers? Which of their needs can we address? Given our company’s overall value proposition and strategy, what customer experience should we create? What capabilities do we need in order to deliver that experience? How should we organize ourselves accordingly, and what aspects of our culture can help us?"[Moi ici: Quantas PME conseguem responder a estas perguntas? A sua consegue?]

Trechos retirados de "10 Principles of Customer Strategy"

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