domingo, setembro 04, 2016

Crony capitalism

Em "Edge Strategy" encontrei uma história interessante:
"The story begins in 1947 at Frank Urich's convenience store in Los Angeles.
A born entrepreneur, Urich opened the world s rst self-service gas station. This was long before automation, so he still required some attendants, typically gliding from pump to pump on roller skates collecting cash and resetting the meters for the next customer. But the reduction in labor costs was signicant and meant that Urich could offer his customers a better deal.
Yet, for all this, the gas stations that offered full service continued to dominate the business. It helped that these were mostly owned by deep-pocketed oil companies that spent a fortune lobbying state regulators to prohibit their self-service rivals. Two years after Urich s pioneering move, New Jersey was persuaded to prohibit self-service gas stations. They are still banned there."

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