domingo, setembro 04, 2016

Conhecer os clientes

"Instead of simply asking customers what they want, we suggest inquiring about what they want to achieve, what their needs are, which solution they use and why, and what they would expect from a good or better solution. Understanding customer needs is attained by focusing on the objective to be achieved, the outcome to be attained, the customer experience, and the process the customer goes through in order to come to this outcome. Besides investigating the underlying need, also look at which solutions, products, and services customers currently turn to in order to satisfy these needs, and examine their motivation for using these instead of others. What drives their choices?"
Trecho retirado de "The Art of Opportunity"
"Companies know a lot about the characteristics and attributes of their customers, but they don’t know why customers buy their products and services. In other words, companies know the correlations between types of customers and their products and services, but they don’t understand what causes customers to buy their offerings.
Trecho retirado de "The “Jobs to Be Done” Theory of Innovation"

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