segunda-feira, junho 13, 2016

Trabalhar para tornar a concorrência imperfeita

"Finally, if purchasers are not indifferent as to which firms to buy their goods, then the perfect competition assumption cannot be postulated to work. In fact, Sraffa also deploys this line of critique since, according to Sraffa, purchasers are actually not indifferent as between different producers – this is “the chief obstacle which hinders the free play of competition” (Sraffa, 1926: 544) – the causes for such absence of indifference are custom, proximity, personal acquaintance, possibility to get credit, reputation of the trade mark and design of the product. From a formal point of view, these different reasons of preferences are reflected in the clientele of each firm being willing, if necessary, to pay a higher price."
E a sua empresa, o que é que ela faz para tornar a concorrência imperfeita?

Trecho retirado de "Alternative Theories of Competition - Challenges to the orthodoxy" editado por Jamee K. Moudud, Cyrus Bina e Patrick L. Mason

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