domingo, maio 29, 2016

Isto é um bailado

Há dias em "Reflexões" a propósito das preocupações de Luís Onofre com o futuro do mercado do calçado de luxo, sugeri:
"Talvez seja de equacionar os ritmos de criação e de produção, talvez faça sentido acelerar a criação/produção e ter mais épocas."
Agora descubro "Satisfying the Fetish for Italian Shoes":
"But the major players operate the way they have for decades, ... “They haven’t leveraged technology or analytics, and they haven’t leveraged a modern supply chain.”
spent a year developing relationships with small, family-run Italian cobblers—many of whom had been abandoned by long-established luxe brands in favor of cheaper, Asian manufacturers. Styles are introduced each week and retired after three months. In contrast, heritage brands such as Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik release four to five collections a year.
the company’s staff can go from sketch to sale in 60 to 90 days. M.Gemi can quickly recalibrate production to match customer demand. Within three hours of going live with its line of summer espadrilles in April, it knew the slip-on style was a hit but the lace-up version was a dud. So it revved up production of one and dialed back the other."
A evolução é um bailado, é uma co-evolução, se o contexto muda, se o ecossistema muda, a empresa tem de mudar e criar as condições para a próxima mudança do contexto.

"Younger consumers are increasingly turning to the web to discover brands that deliver high-end quality at more affordable prices. A 2015 report from McKinsey projects e-commerce will account for 18 percent to 25 percent of luxury sales by 2025, up from 6 percent now."

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